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Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Pittsburgh - Niagara Falls

This was a 4 day trip during the July 4th long weekend. Just over 3 hours from Ann Arbor, Cuyahoga Valley national park (CVNP) has a lot to offer for a biking enthusiast. The meandering cuyahoga river on one side, the remnants of the Ohio-Erie canal on the other, and greenery all around makes it perfect for a biking trip during a cool summer day.

We started off on Thursday July 3rd from Ann Arbor around 9 AM and reached the Peninsula Depot Visitor Center. After a quick lunch, we rented out bikes at the Century Cycles, visible from the visitor center. Bike rental costs about $9/hour, so we decided to bike for 3 hours. After packing our bags we headed north from Peninsula depot on the towpath trail.

After biking for about 7 miles, we decided to head back. CVNP has a scenic railroad. For $3 we can ride the train along with our bikes. We boarded the train at Brecksville station, returned our bikes and decided to explore the rest of the national park by hiking.
We drove to Ira trail head …