Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chicago Fall 2010, IL

This was a weekend trip to Chicago. We left Ann Arbor Saturday late afternoon and reached Chicago by night. We checked into our hotel in the downtown and freshened up and went for a stroll along the river walk. Sky scrapers all around, quietly flowing chicago river and metro trains running above ground all reminded us of scenes from Batman Begins.
Along the Chicago River Walk
Willis tower was open for another hour and half, so, we went straight there. We spent some time watching a small movie about its history and went up to the sky deck. The views of Chicago from there were fantastic.  The sky was mostly clear with a few low clouds here and there. It took some courage to stand in the glass box, we could feel the vibrations due to wind and it was an amazing and scary experience at the same time. We stayed up there till the tower was about to close and then headed out to dinner and crashed for the night.
View of the Willis Tower from the ground
From Willis Tower's Skydeck, view of the lake MI shoreline
We started off the next day by heading towards the Navy Pier. The fall colors were just starting to show and the downtown looked beautiful.
Skyscrapers enroute to Navy Pier
Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier
At the Navy pier, we first thought of going up the balloon but the winds were not cooperative. So, instead we rode the ferris wheel. The views of the Chicago skyline and the lake Michigan were breathtaking.
Ballon trip that was not meant to be
Chicago skyline from the ferris wheel
Lake Michigan as seen from the skyline
After the ferris wheel we went to the food court to get some lunch since we were starving. There was some play going on. I don't remember what the exact story was, but I remember that it was about Pirates and that it was really funny. The next time we go there, should check the calendar beforehand for events and plan.
A funny play about Pirates (left) Entertained folks (right)
Our next stop was the Millennium Park. Being one of very famous spots in Chicago, this was understandably very crowded. Here too, the views of Chicago skyline was amazing. Our reflections on the bean was also equally entertaining.
The bean at Millennium park
Lastly, we had heard a lot about the Devon street in Chicago. Especially that walking around there was like being back in India and so, we went to check it out. Lo and behold, they were true! We treated our selves to a sumptuous Indian dinner there and drove back to Ann Arbor.
Devon St. Chicago, where have you seen a place like this in India?
So long until our next trip. Cheers!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi, I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan, working on my Ph.D. For me, grad school has been all about self discovery. Among other things, grad school has helped me discover new passions and also reconnect with things I wanted to do, but couldn't due to time constraints. Ah, the perks of grad life!

One of my passions is traveling. I like to take many small vacations instead of a big long one. That way, it is easy on the wallet and also allows me to get work done. This blog will be about my travel experiences. I will be sharing some photos, travel itinerary and tidbits of wisdom in hope that it might be of some benefit to some soul who happens to find it in the vast world wide web.

Cheers! Happy traveling!