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Holland, MI - Summer 2013

Holland, MI is about 2.5 hrs away form Ann Arbor. It is a popular tourist destination in May because of the Tulip Festival. The weather was good and we wanted to go to some beach and so, we picked Holland. We started late from Ann Arbor and reached Holland by late afternoon. Our first stop was Windmill Island.
The windmill is over 250 years old and is the only authentic working Dutch windmill in the United States. We reached in time for a demonstration. It was interesting to learn the history and see the workings of the windmill. We were also able to see the surrounding scenery from the 4th floor and the island looked quite beautiful even in summer.
Our next stop was the Dutch village. By that time unfortunately, it was closed. It closes by 5 PM on regular days. So, we went to the Holland harbor to relax on the beach. There is a beautiful lighthouse at this beach know as the Big Red. We played for a while on the beach. The water was very cold even though this was August.
We wanted to…