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Chicago Fall 2010, IL

This was a weekend trip to Chicago. We left Ann Arbor Saturday late afternoon and reached Chicago by night. We checked into our hotel in the downtown and freshened up and went for a stroll along the river walk. Sky scrapers all around, quietly flowing chicago river and metro trains running above ground all reminded us of scenes from Batman Begins.
Willis tower was open for another hour and half, so, we went straight there. We spent some time watching a small movie about its history and went up to the sky deck. The views of Chicago from there were fantastic.  The sky was mostly clear with a few low clouds here and there. It took some courage to stand in the glass box, we could feel the vibrations due to wind and it was an amazing and scary experience at the same time. We stayed up there till the tower was about to close and then headed out to dinner and crashed for the night.
We started off the next day by heading towards the Navy Pier. The fall colors were just starting to show and t…